A Friendship Wallhanging

For Jen

I finished my best friend's wall hanging and thought I would share with you some details I did to make this special quilt. I chose a fall design to make a patch and customize this quilt with the date. The autumn is Jen's and also my favorite season.  I think she will like this wreath :)

A few words about a fantastic friendship....

God tells us to love your neighbor as we would love ourselves.  Jen became my neighbor in 2007 when she moved across the street from me in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania.  I prayed for a friend like her, at the time I was lonely for a connection that would ease my homesick heart for my own family we left behind in Canada.  She became a friend that far exceeded my idea of true friendship.

  • Friendship is not about who you have known the longest, it is about who came and never left your side
  • Friends are the family you get to pick
  • Friends invite you into their hearts and love you no matter what
  • friends nurture each others soul
  • overcome adversity together
  • share joys, and sorrows together
  • reminds you of your greatness
  • yearn to stay connected
  • shares zest to live, love and laugh together
  • values time together

Last but not least as my quilt says Friends dance with you in the sunlight and walk with you in the shadows.  I am very blessed to have a friend like Jen! Cheers to all those great friends out there :)

I hand stitched the badge, the biding and the hanging sleeve to the back of the quilt.

It is very hard to tell on the pictures but I added swarovski crystals to the quilt to "bling" it up a bit. Girls have to have some pizzaz right :)