Accessorize with a Pin Cushion!

I think I am going to make one for each season and holiday for added fun in my sewing room! Anyone interested in seeing me come up with all sorts of fun wristlit pin cushions?

After Valentine's it's St Patrick's Day;  I think I will make some fun four leaf clover ones, then spring, bunnies, flowers, butterflies, etc. You guys get the picture.

Sky's the limit, also you can do any  theme for instance I love to cook!!!  I have spaghetti and a big meatball(AKA pincushion) floating around in my head.  My dad loves hamburgers, how flippin' adorable would that be?

Halloween I can make bats, spiders, ghosts, voodoo dolls etc. I think I will get my kids involved in this project.  How much fun would they have creating these!!!! Can you tell I am super stoked about this?  Doesn't take much huh? I'm a big kid let loose in a craft room. :)

I recently bought a wristlit pin holder that is magnetized and has a velcro strap....I hate it!! No matter how straight you think you have applied that velcro strap it still catches on the fabric you're working on.  The pins tend to twist every which way on the magnet and flip to the side of the magnet or underneath and thus pricks me!!

So when I was looking at Jen's scrunchie post it made me think of making a pin cushion that is more traditional.  So since it is close to Valentine's,  I played around with some fabric yesterday and made a few pin cushions. This is so fast and easy to do I hope you try one, too.

For the scrunchie check out Jen's tutorial.  Then I decided to play around with some decorative stitches on my machine.  I  made a heart pattern two different sizes and cut them out.

To bypass the need to turn these inside out and to quicken the process I sewed them wrong sides together with 1/4 inch seam allowance. I left a small area to fill them and then back to the sewing machine to close up the opening. I then fringed the border being careful not to cut into my seams. Did you know I am a fringe lover?  I love anything tassels, fringe, any creative way for fabric to decoratively hang free :)

Here is a different, more simple decorative stitch:

The only bad thing is that I seem to have run out of polyfill and I had some wool roving lying around.   That is all I had, so at some point I will probably have to take out "the eventually felted stuffing" and replace with polyfill.

I was thinking of  making  a few more of these  and giving  some away on our website.  No worries, I am going to buy some polyfill ;) Would anyone be interested in entering a draw for one?

I thought a tiny thumb pin cushion would be just cute! I love dainty little things.

By the way,  these can also double as a hair accessory for any little girls.   lol