Ambiance Linings

Ambiance/Bemberg is 100 percent rayon. It can be washed and dried on gentle cycles, it resists wrinkles and has a beautiful drape. It is deliciously silky to the hand.

Rayon is regenerated cellulose  fibres  made from wood pulp. It is a good choice for linings because it breathes well and doesn't hold in heat. Polyester is very hot and doesn't breathe well.

To prepare this fabric for sewing, wash and dry the lining on gentle cycles.  Set your iron to silk setting and press the material.  To lay out this fabric for cutting  you can use tissue paper between the layers to minimize slipping thus cutting out the lining along with the tissue paper.

I choose polka dot grey cotton for the waistband. :)

Use 70/10 needle for sewing this fabric with cotton thread. Also instead of 5/8 inch seam allowance use 1/2 inch instead this will prevent the seams from strain and pulling.

Do you use linings in your clothes? If so what do you use? I can't wait to make another pair of pants and line them with some crazy rayon print.  It would make me smile every time I put my pants on ;)