As Good As It Gets

Ok after 2 months of tweaking and tweaking I surrender!! This is as good as it gets folks!

I am done my bodice sloper!! Yay I can finally move on and start practicing dart manipulation.

Last week I was so mad at myself because I went to pull out my moulage and compare the back moulage to the sloper guess what???? Its missing in action!!!!!! I think I accidentally threw it out. Son of a #@%%@@ I would basically have to start over again. So I did my best with what I had and decided to keep tweaking. Here is my sloper on tag:

See how neat and organized I am! I have all the measurements noted  (as neat as I can in my left-handed chicken scratches lol)

And some pics of me wearing the muslin sloper:

So I have one more piece of fabric I bought to make a skirt. I have drafted 2 long skirts that I love the shape but unfortunately I need 60 inch fabric for those two designs.  So I am on my 3rd drafted skirt and will be trying out the design in muslin soon.

I started off in sewing by quilting and for the longest time would use quilting cottons for clothes for my daughter so now that I am starting to make myself clothes I am so "fiber inexperienced".  What sort of fabric would you use for a circle skirt? Both my other designs take a lot of fabric and they both are on the bias. I have never made anything on the bias before and I am excited to give these skirts a try.  Any suggestions on fabric type? There is a gazillion different types out there lol.