Back Pockets and Topstitching

Good day everyone. I worked on distressing the back pockets today. I ran the pockets through the serger first so I don't have to worry about having a ton of frayed hairy bits in my back pocket ;)

I carefully marked off 1/2 inch all the way around the pockets to get accurate folds when I used my iron.

I also used my clapper to get good crisp lines.

Once all edges are ironed I double-check my point is midline by folding the pocket in half.

Then I distressed the pockets more to get some good silhouettes of the folded over edges. It looks cool. Then you need to take your hammer and pound all the edges.  The purpose of this is to compress the fabric so it will be easier to sew through all that denim when you attach them to the back of the pants.

Then I topstitched with my denim needle, denim thread and a triple stitch set at 3.5

And here is a few pics with the flap covering the pockets so you kind of see how it's going to look :)