Baking With My Little Sweet Tooth


Did I ever tell you my daughter looooooves loves, loves, loves ok one more LOVES sweets! She asked if we can make cookies and together we came up with some great comfort autumn cookies great for school snacks and maybe even a breakfast pick me up. First off we made traditional oatmeal raison cookies with fresh nutmeg to really boast up the taste and compliment the oats.



Next I made a cakey like texture cookie with freshly grated granny smiths paired with cinnamon and more fresh nutmeg. I wanted some sort of texture to contrast with this soft cookie and I came across some dried figs and thought "brilliant" this will work nicely. I love the grainy toothy-ness of the figs in this cookie and I paired all this yumminess  with caramel icing drizzled on top.


Anyone interest in the recipes? :)