Beach Camping

I really wanted to do some camping with my kids in Orange County. Little did I know you have to book months in advance to even get a tent camping spot at most state parks! Wow talk about busy, yikes! As it turns out there was a cancellation on a tent spot at the San Clemente State Park. I booked one night to try it out with my younger kids.  My oldest son works full-time and was enjoying a night of sushi with co-workers.

Rugged sandstone cliffs tower above the beach, there are paths all around these cliffs. My kids are fearless and my nerves where shot from them walking along narrow paths and looking down the cliffs. I have a phobia of heights and felt queasy the whole time!!

The eroded canyon walls are a beauty, I feel like I am in a western movie :)

My kids enjoyed the beach, flew kites, ate smore's, amongst other campfire favorites. What more can I say,  a good time was had by all!


If you look carefully in the sand as the surf retreats you can see hundreds of trails of sand crabs :) My kids love digging them up and exploring them as they scurry about.


They enjoyed this very much.  I guess it looks like I will look ahead at other campgrounds and do it all over again, maybe not the bluffs ;)