Big Momma

Look out chicky!! Big Momma has come home to roost!

I am very excited to say I am the proud new owner of a dreamweaver xe 6200 brother sewing/embroidery machine! Look at the size of this beast compared to my old sewing machine.

The first day I set this up I was shocked at how fascinated my family was over this machine.  I actually had a hard time to get a picture of my husband sitting in front of the beast when he heard the click of the camera's flash he got out of the chair so fast I though his pants were on fire :) (He is too MANLY to be caught sitting and watching a very feminine crafty thing lol) but I persevered and  pretended to cough while I was focusing behind him and voila:

He looks super impressed now that he's been caught!

Sam loves my machine!

I had left the house for a half hour told them not to touch my machine I wanted to read the manual first:

A little bit of light reading here ;)

Well when I got home they had this all set up and started to embroider "mater" from the movie Cars! I don't have the right colors and we had to improvise. Poor mater!

The next pics are some of the decorative stitches the machine has in the sewing part of things. The letters are a nice size for just straight sewing in fact some of these decorative stitches are 2 1/2 inches wide beautifully scroll ones. I was just trying stuff out on cheap muslin:

I will do a video segment on this machine in the future once I have it all figured out ;)

Here is a pic of the lazer it has you can use as a guide for sewing.



The dual feed on this is like a rubber roller.