Blogging Course: Writing 101 Day 1

This is a different kind of post I know. I would like to get better with my stories, pics, etc and just try to be a better blogger. I was going to follow along with the course and just draft everything but then I wouldn't have feed back and really grow. So I am going to choke back embarrassment, apprehension etc and try this out!

First challenge was to sit and write anything that comes to your mind for 20 minutes.

Unconscious Thoughts

The best unconscious thoughts I have ever had, have been about water.  Yes the deep blue underworld that is filled with breathtaking colors for our feasting eyes.  The feeling of weightlessness, drifting beside majestic creatures and looking into their eyes as we both pass through the sea. The eye, the window to ones soul they say.  Hello creature, can you see me? Who am I? What will I become? How will I get there? The immense nature of your presence humbles me!   Those watery pupils have travelled thousands of miles and must bear some profound wisdom for me! Like a large ship passing me by I reach out to stroke his side.  Please don't leave me in your shadow, bring me forth onto the light.  Floating on this dream I look up and strive to reach those beautiful watery rays of light, bending it seems to my will. I shall break forth through this watery grave and be brought into the light. All that is good, warm and right.