Blue fingers and Triple Stitch Fun!

It's that time again! My fingers are blue. Can you guess what I am working on? Lol Yes indeed I am officially addicted to denim!! Custom made jeans, that fit perfectly to your body type. Who wouldn't want a pair of those? You get to pick your own colors, top stitching thread, design your own pockets etc. You get to choose crazy fabric for your pockets and for your serger thread. Bright fun colors, that make you smile when you put your jeans on and no one else sees the inside of your pants and how special they are but you! And don't forget about the bling, you can add a little "Ka-chow" here and there.  It is sooooo muchhhhh funnnn!!!!

Ok so I took my groovy 70's muslin and started to cut out Angela Wolf's pattern in some denim. I did not need to make many alterations to her pattern. It is fabulous!!

I like to use fun top stitching and aqua is my favorite color! I use aqua serger thread because it makes me smile and it keeps up with the theme of using this color on the outside of my jeans.

I used the same aqua satin for my pockets as I used for my mom's jeans and did french seams:

I love the combo of traditional gold jean denim topstitching with aqua, I used a triple stitch in order to get this thickness and the aqua I used two spools of all-purpose thread.

I distressed a bit of the seams:

I was able to finish topstitching the inner leg and sewing up the side seams to try them on. Here is what I got so far:

Today I will be able to probably finish these because I just have the waist band, belt loops, final distressing and hemming to do. Ok maybe tomorrow I will be done ;)