Bodacious Booty Skirt Design

I am having so much fun with skirt drafting designs. I love vintage patterns especially historical dresses that have back bustles. So this is my inspiration with this design I sewed it up in muslin to see if I would like it. The back peplums I could not put on the bias due to lack of muslin so the drape is not as good as it could be plus I couldn't put them on a fold for the same reason.

I wanted to have a longer skirt but maybe too long? I will have a side zip in this skirt so I don't disrupt the back peplums. I still have a back center seam on this dress because I wanted to have a slit since this skirt does taper down and is essentially another pencil skirt. The slit gives much-needed room to walk in this long pencil skirt design.

The peplum design line itself I think I will narrow so it doesn't fan out so much in the back, I want it to drape down more but again it would have a better drape if it was on bias. I think I am just going to have a facing for this skirt or else it will be just another straight waistband.

So what do you guys think? Too corny? Or different and cute? What sort of fabric would you use for this skirt?

Here is a pic of another pattern I drafted that is sort of a mermaid type of design fitted to flared but I need 60 inch fabric for this to work as it needs to go onto the bias and it is also a long skirt.  I also drafted a circle skirt that is mid calf length and also puts me in the same fabric conundrum!!

Happy Sewing :)