Cats to Cushions

DIY Chair Cushions

Thought I would share with you some pictures of my redecorating journey.  As you all know I moved to California 3 years ago from Pittsburgh.  Recently my husband and I decided we will be staying put here in California for quite sometime (most likely permanently).

So my Victorian red decor was just not working in my spanish style mediterranean house that has all white walls. We are just renting at the moment so I have no desire to paint.  To purge the old Pittsburgh and embrace our new life here I decided to decorate my place with a beach theme.

Here are a few pics of what I have done so far. I am bringing in blue hues, especially aqua which happens to be my favorite color!

This whale is so cute!!!

Octopus cast iron pot holder for my kitchen.

So getting to the title of this post....see these wicker covered dining room chairs?

I recently got rid of the chair cushions and gave them away as they didn't go with my color scheme and wicker is perfect for beach theme!! My chairs already have a blue distressed finish on them along with my new dining room rug this room is done!! Or is it? Turns out wicker is the perfect scratch pad!!

My little lion :)

AHHHHHHH so either the cat gets declawed (450 dollars) or I make new chair cushions (75 dollars to make all 6, or 20 bucks a pop to buy decent new ones!) hmmm which one would you choose lol. My kitty occasionally gets outside so I would hate for her to not have her nails if she so needed them.

I sent my husband this picture from Jo-Annes and asked him which fabric he liked.

We choose this fabric, along with yards and yards of rope to make piping, also I will be doing covered buttons, I already had some white cotton fabric to make the piping for these cushions. I have 6 to make ugh! This will take precious time away from my drafting courses. lol

But look I put the courses to good use already. I made a template of my chair seat and turned that into a pattern complete with notches, awl punches and grainlines lol.

First off I made yards and yards of my own bias tape and turned that into piping.  I will make a post of how I did that soon. I also made the tie backs for the chairs. This material is an indoor outdoor polyester, thick canvas material. It has been treated for sunlight and stains and is quite stiff. What was I thinking I could turn these little tubes! HA I think not! So I just folded in the raw edges and sewed close to the fold on one side.

So I cut out one cushion I used 1 1/2 inch seam allowance and it was way too roomy. There is always so much anticipation before turning a project right!

My template also needed 1/4 inch shaved off to get that perfect fit. I then changed my seam allowances on the fabric to 3/4 inch. I have 1 inch thick pile batting for the cushions. I also changed my placement for the ties in the back of the chair they were a bit too spread out.

After those changes I am satisfied with the fit! I started to add the covered buttons too! One cushion down 5 more to go lol

PS  did I ever mention I hate hand sewing??? 4 buttons per cushion and closing the hole where I turned them ugh!