Chicks with Sticks

My First knitting Students in California

Yesterday was so super fun! I want to share with you in this good girly crafty fun.  In the past I was equally obsessed with knitting as I am now with sewing.  I have taken the master classes at The Knitting Guild of America. I have to say these are not any pushover courses!! It was super tough and I have been knitting for 20 years!!

I am currently taking the second course. I have had to make 25 different swatches that show various techniques, 3 of which you have to make your own pattern for and include your written pattern. Knit a fair isle mitten, intarsia sock, cable vest, answer tons of questions, 4 book reviews and an in-depth essay on the history of knitting.  I have the essay to complete, the book reports and the vest to finish then I can send in my material and hopefully graduate to take the 3rd and final master knitting course. I know it sounds so corny!! I am a crafty geek!!

I used to teach classes in Pittsburgh from beginner to advance knitters and also kids class.  We would do fun games and dye our own yarn with koolaid! Super fun and the kids had a blast!

I always, always include food with my crafts thus "sewing WITH Scoobys" Scooby snacking time is always great comfort when you are learning something new :)

I set the table with burlap table runner and placemats I made. I came up with a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. I love orange/chocolate combo so I added orange zest to the batter with nuts and vanilla. I will blog the recipe in the next few days. I love tea and this is my favorite tea-pot:

This set was inspired by Cinderella notice the tea-pot is shaped like her carriage :) Even the spoon is glass, that is a fancy rock sugar inside. Cute huh!

Ok in the living room I placed some of my knitting for examples of different yarns and projects:


The zebra jacket AKA Cruella  DeVille Jacket:

My dog matches my coat ha ha


The gorgeous largest project I have ever knit. This is a merino wool house coat with a train! This will be passed down to my daughter Abby:

Of course some fun scarves:

This last scarf is actually made with different textures of yarns and ribbons then sewed up in a grid using water-soluble stabilizer. If anyone is interested I could do a tutorial on this it is a lot of fun to make :)


Here is an example of felting with this fun freaky bag I made:

I love, love, love lace and here are some close-ups of how ethereal, and airy these are:

I have made various other scarves and hats and brought out some for examples:

This is a baby blanket I made for my first son who is now 20!! Garter stitch blocks of different colors and I sewed on a flannel backing trimmed in lace:

Much fun was had by all I got them casting on and completing rows of knit stitches with ease at the end of our session! Mission accomplished!

They had a great time and are going to round me up more students!! Yay.