Childhood Memoires Relived

I recently had an opportunity to sign up with a group of people for an organized ski trip to Mammoth over the weekend.  I have skied throughout my adult years here and there but as a child I was on the ski hill everyday, every weekend, night skiing, ski team matches etc, etc. I lived and breathed skiing.

Why is it as we get older the familiar suddenly becomes something uncertain. I have to say I was very nervous to be on this mountain. The beauty of it is overwhelming and the vastness of its terrain and square footage is every skier's dream come true. This combination was very intimidating for me!

With some coaxing from my good friend and sewing buddy Marcela I found some courage and tackled some diamonds on that mountain this weekend. I survived unscathed with all bones intact and I feel like I conquered some fears. As a young girl I would have found such terrain exciting but not scary.  Why in my adult years do I have such uncertainty, anxiety  and cowardly fears?  I continued to tackle these fears over the weekend and  slowly the unfamiliar became familiar once again.