Constructing the Back of the Jeans

Ok Yesterday and this morning I have been working on the back of the Jeans.  Here is a step by step what I got done.

It was a little nerve-wracking cutting into the jean material but I did it with much enthusiasm!

I attached the back yokes ran the seam allowances through the serger. Distressed my seams and topstitched.

Then I distressed the back toosh area where the pockets are going to go and then sewed up the back center seam and repeated the process of pressing to one side, distressing and topstitching.

Then I played around with the pocket placements for a while and once I was satisfied I topstitched these in place along with the flaps.

Today I hope to cut out my fronts and start working on them. Holy Cow you go through a whole spool of denim thread in no time!! Hmm might have to go to Joann's I am almost out of thread.