Cookie Exchange Party

June 29th 2013th
Jen Wrote:
....genius or ridiculousness, I'm not quite sure... I was just thinking about how AWESOME your cookie party and the great Miss America sash, etc and I thought wouldn't it be funny if you made up cute little judges sheets for the judges?  It could have things like overall presentation, appearance (akin to the swimsuit segment of the Miss America pageant), taste, creativity/ uniqueness, that sort of thing...just a thought. Maybe a tiara or I just saw on's store they have stuff to make easy, blinged-out, rhinestoned hair combs.  Do you have a first-runner up with your cookie parties? You know, if I put as much effort into housework as I do into daydreaming about crafty stuff, my hovel apartment would be spotless! Happy Saturday, Jen
Nicole Responded:
Good morning Jen
Lol in fact I do make up cute cards with my scrapbook program and there are 4 criteria they judge: appearance, uniqueness, taste and texture each segment out of 5 for total of 20 :) There is a prize for the "cookie game", 1 st 2 nd and 3rd place prizes for the cookies. Grand prize winner I always buy a cookie book along with something else fun :) It turns out I had a sliver in my finger and was able to get it out and now its clearing up great.  Nails got switched to tomorrow so maybe you can come get your nails done :) Are you going to Sea World today? If so have a great time :) I work Monday and Tuesday so maybe Wednesday for a bit I can see you because I leave Thursday morning. Ttyl Nicole
Jen responded:
You're such a superstar!  You probably already told me about the judges fact, I think you did, but I must be going senile  'cuz I'm so old and crotchety. I'm so glad you got the culprit out of your finger...a girl with mad crafting skills really does need all 10 digits for projects, after all. Abby is being a royal pain in the butt this am, and is presently on a time out.  I don't know if Sea World is gonna happen if she keeps this up.  She's driving me up a wall today.  Maybe I'll just drop her off at the San Diego zoo and she can live with the other monkeys. Wed. would be great and it would be wonderful to see you, even if just a little while.  Or, if you need some time to pack, etc I can take the kids to the playground or pool and give you a little time to get stuff done.  :)

These are pics from my cookie party. The cookie queen from last year is my blonde friend Angie she is giving the sash and hat to this years cookie queen Darlene!

Good times. I have a judging table for good sport and fun. Everyone puts one cookie on the judging table and the name of their cookie. I invite two friends who don't want to bake cookies but want to come for the good fun and they are the judges of the cookies.

There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and prizes. I love to cook so I always have my party in the late afternoon and serve a hot meal. The cookies are the desert and I have lots of wine, cocktails, beer etc just because.....neighborhood girls on a lazy sunday afternoon WHY NOT??

There is a door prize winner as well. When people arrive at the party I give them a bracelet (dollar store baby ;) the name of the game is that you cannot say the word "COOKIE" if you do then the person that caught you steals your bracelet. At the end of the party the person with the most bracelets wins!! 

You'll notice that the sash says "Cookie Queen" I also embroider the names of the winners every year with the year they won and it is treasured by the winner for that year. They bring the sash and hat back to the party the next year to fight for their throne or be ....dethroned!!