Craft Fair Display

July 7th 2013 

Jen Wrote:

Hi, Nicole I soooo hope your back is doing ok and that the trip is going great!  Don't overdo it, now...(tsk, tsk finger wag inserted here). Here are a few shots from the super tiny fair today...awful foot traffic (10 people, max) but managed to pull off a little over $20. above vendor fee, so I guess I feel good about that and chalk it up as a mild success.  I found out that I was completely wrong about the next fair's date (what the harry is wrong with me?!), so I now have two weeks to prepare, tweak, and make myself a sewn utility belt to hold my phone, change, and hurry back,sister!  I have sewing plans for you! You are missed and I hope your friends back east appreciate the effort you  made to come there and love you to pieces...I know they do.  :) Hope Abby and Sam are loving their time with their friends and enjoy your time with family in Canada. Love, Jen
Nicole Responded:
Hey Jen what are u talking about your table was beautiful!!! With such little traffic I'd say that's a winner,  winner chicken dinner! Awesome you must be so psyched! My back is still mild but still there.  The kids are very excited to see their old friends. Love Nicole