Craft Fairs

June 26th 2013

Jen Wrote:   this is the cartoon I told you about yesterday...the exchange between the craft show vendor and his customer. I think you'll love it since you know firsthand all that goes into a handmade work of art! I need to find that Cinderella Pinterest thing again...that truly is nothing short of genius and is the kind of funny that makes liquid shoot out of your nose if you see it while drinking something. You guys up for some craft/ pool fun today?  Guess who found her rotary cutter?  Woohoo!
June 27th 2013
Jen Wrote:

Ok, here's a mini dress form...if covered in bows, good display choice?

Here's the lamp. Ugh. Well, I didn't realize the base would be so short...if I found a higher box and covered it/ wrapped it with pretty cardstock or something, would this be good as a bow holder idea, or no? Or a free-standing big Ikea style ghetto lamp?

Nicole Responded:

Love the dress form a lot!! Not sure about the lamp it is very short I don't like the shade either it doesn't have the same vibe as the dress form. I found some neat ideas on Pinterest as well, I work tomorrow but after work I will find, them pin them, and send them to you. I have to write a letter of recommendation for a friend tonight and email it  to the university in Pittsburgh but tomorrow I'll have more time to brainstorm with you:) Ttys Nicole
Jen Responded:

Thanks for the help and input! Yes, that lamp idea sucks. Glad it was a cheap mistake.

Hope your day was good, but I bet it was loooong. Kids' dentist appts are not typically a party, like a sewing afternoon, which IS a great, big honkin' party! I've got a bad case of quiltitis and there's no cure for it!

Good luck with your letter, which sounds everything not relaxing before bedtime. Btw, I stupidly burned the crap out of my finger just now with the hot glue gun and it made me think of your finger...are you going to do some magic on it tomorrow? That poor finger looked none too happy. :(

Wishing you dreams of embroidered Miss America sashes, perfect frames for watercolor treasures, and a winning raffle ticket for a 500 bucky Joann Fabrics gift card...

June 27th 2013

Nicole Wrote:

Ahhhh lol I have to go to bed I can't stop looking at Pinterest ahhhh hope you liked some of the pins I sent there is this web site called  you should check it out.  It has great pics of her booth set ups and ideas and she sells ribbons and has tutorials on bow designs :) K ttyl I work till 5 ish tomorrow
June 28th, 2013
Jen Wrote:

Thanks for the the harry did you research those AND get your letter drafted?!

One pin I couldn't open (said page not found), one was super cute, and one was awesome..the cupcake stand.

The same cupcake stand I told you about in your kitchen and said I was gonna put loopy bows in it and you sort of looked at me like I was smoking crack.Now I see either you were the one smokin' crack or I need a better way of explainin' junk. Put down the crack pipe, woman! It's expensive and beer is better. has awesome crafty things to dump wads of $ on (and I have and will continue to do) and their tutorials and forums are great. I've learned a lot from them (read "I've stolen tons of ideas for free").

Speaking of beer, next time I come over I'm bringing some to replenish the "afternoon sewing delight" stash when we want a celebratory, refreshing, summertime fun thirst quencher. :)

I'll pay you not to go to work today and just sew and laugh and look at wildly entertaining pinterest things all the live long day.

I think we're going to San Diego for a night this weekend to do the Sea World thing but many thanks for the invite to your girls night....I hate to miss it! But if I don't get to have Nicole time before your trip, I may wither up and die. No pressure of course, but just know I may be unable to function in the world.

BTW, you don't have to use my full name, Jen is fine. Or Sassy Pants. You can reserve Jennifer for when you're annoyed-really ticked with me, like my Mom does. I always know where I stand with her depending on what she calls me. I know I'm really in for it when she pulls out the "Jennifer Nicole!!"

Have a good day at work and good luck with your finger,

Jen :)

June 29th 2013

Nicole Wrote:

Hey, check out this pin on Pinterest: business card rings - great for craft shows

Hey, check out this pin on Pinterest: lots of craft show ideas  (also love the yellow and black tote)

Jen Responded:

THIS IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!  I wanna do it!  The fabric iron on thing sounds confusing to me, but I think this would be a great thing to try.  You're a pin genius, thank you!