Craftsy Baking and More Cookie Fun

I have signed up to a few pastry courses through

This teacher is amazing and gives you the whys for certain techniques.  I love to know the whys!! I was that kind of kid...but why? Why? lol Check out her two courses here and here. Thank you Colette Christian :)

I took some pics of the pear tart I made, that is a recipe in the french pastry course. What do you guys think?

The pears are cooked in red wine with various spices. It smelled amazing in my house. The custard it is baked in is an almond cream. Yum!

Ok onto a few cute pics from my cookie decorating obsession I have lately. lol


Did anyone else sign up for Craftsy courses in their black friday sale? I bought a few sewing courses as well. much to learn such little time.

Have a great weekend everyone!