Cupcake display

June 30th 2013th

Jen Wrote:

Cupcake craze! Fun, eh? Should I line liners with Kleenex so the bows sit higher, or is it ok?

We're gonna try sea world again today since cubby was a basket case and we couldn't go...she seems better today, we'll see!

How's your weekend so far? Are you packing for your trip? When do you get back (when is that again?) we should take a weekend afternoon and go to Joann's and I'll treat you to lunch someplace fun. :)

Nicole Responded:

Super cute!! Ya a little bit more height for the bows in the cupcake liners would be better.

Have a great time at Sea World.

Unfortunately my back went out and I can't get out of bed I can't sit and walking is also bad. I will go to the  chiropractor on Monday



Jen Responded:

Oh, Nicole...I'm so sorry that your back is so jacked up. Good luck with the chiropractor & MRI tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and let me know if you need anything at all. Anything! It's no fun being out of commission, so really, take me up on this for anything you need. :)

You know, we have annual passes to Sea World so it's no biggie if we do it another time--would it help you to have Abby and Sam out and about to give you some peace while you're laid up in bed?

We can take them all to the beach, etc...that way you could at least be in pain in a quiet house.  Let me know.  Do you have any good pain killers to get through today, I hope?

And tomorrow I can entertain the kids, too...actually Tuesday and Wed, too!  just let me know what I can do to help you out.  You need to do no more than necessary before you have to sit on a plane all day on Thursday.

Ugh, I'm so sorry.  Know I'm at your disposal.  :)


July 1st 2013
Nicole Wrote:
Hi Jen Yes I went to the chiropractor and he gave me a TENS unit to help with the pain. I also had the MRI. I just have to wait for the results. I can't sit for long it feels best if I'm laying or standing so after the car ride I'm back in bed borrrrriiinnnggg! Lol oh well I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Your very kind to offer help with the kids but it is getting better first day I couldn't get out of bed so at least I get up and walk around for short periods. Peter is helping me with the kids. Have a good day Ttyl Nicole
Jen responded:

I'm so glad it's at least feeling a little better!  Keep me updated on how you're feeling and next time we talk I'll be thousands of dollars poorer, as I'm presently looking at fabric on while Abby naps....I SHOULD be getting stuff organized and done for the stupid craft fair this weekend, but obsessive hobby comes first!
Happy resting to you.  :)