Custom sloper used as base for vintage pattern

I decided to go ahead and use my custom bodice pattern as a base to make this vintage style pattern.

I wonder if I will  be sucked into another downward spiral of alterations after alterations or just maybe I will need small little tweakings!

In this day and age I am all about instant gratification! Time is precious and not to be thwarted or wasted. So I hope the base sloper I have for myself can be easily transformed for all sorts of blouses.

I decided to cut out my size and make a muslin with the commercial pattern itself. I then used my base sloper and customized it to look like this pattern ...I think.  Now that I know how to make a sloper I can use this to make anything right? Hell Ya!!! Do I know what I am doing?? I have absolutely no friggin' clue!!! Ha ha BUT do I have the enthusiasm to try to make it work??? Hell Ya!!

Here are the pattern pieces in comparison:

This is a pic of the commercial pattern muslin fitting:

Here is the sloper converted muslin:

I used the bowed in darts in the front and it pulled in too much I think,  not a good comfortable ease. So I decreased the amount of fabric in those front darts. The back of my neck was gaping ever so slightly so I also did a shoulder adjustment and dropped my armhole by 1/4 inch and 1/4 inch more seam allowance in the side seams.

This is what I got so far. Now what?? Hmmm working on that one :)

Happy Sewing