Dancin' Rice

Still on the hunt for fast n' fun props for teaching Tiny Tots dance classes, I whipped up some bean bags.  Well, technically they're rice bags.  I've never made rice bags for freezing/ throwing in the microwave, but now I think I may.  What a great, inexpensive gift to give someone, especially in the winter.

I took an old (but barely worn), sassy work shirt of my husband's and made a dozen rice bags.  The most liberating thing about this is that I didn't measure anything.  Nada.  Nothing.  How great!  Since these are destined just to be dance class props, I didn't mind that the shapes weren't perfect rectangles or that they're all a little difference in size.  Different shapes and sizes--just like people.

I serged up 3 sides then on the fourth used the sewing machine, leaving about 3 inches for turning and filling with rice.  I used a sheet of notebook paper for a funnel to pour the rice into the bag and didn't overfill.  This helped when I went back to the sewing machine to stitch up the 3" opening.  Just like when making a placemat, sans the rice.

These were great in class today and who doesn't love the tactile feel of a bean bag?  We used them to test balance while standing on one leg.  When we were done with our balance game, they got to throw the bags into a bucket;  funny how the new game soon became "Hit Miss Jen with the bean bag!"  Well, whatever works....  :)

Here's Abby testing out a bean bag while doing tendu (foot extended to side on floor) and passe (toes touch opposite knee).  Bean bags...the modern day take on the Finishing School's "put-a-book-on-your-head-and-walk" challenge!