Designer Jeans Project.....Step 1 Perfect the Muslin

How Many Fittings Will I need?

I am very excited to start on this course I signed up for at The instructor is Angela Wolfe and she is a great teacher. I love her video's! So before I use my denim I need to perfect the muslin. We all know that taking your waist and hip measurement and picking out your proper size on a pattern equals instant fit! WRONG.

I will post my processes throughout this adventure. Most importantly the most challenging thing for me is not having Houdini's flexibility to make alterations on myself. I may have to get Jen to come over and help me with the fine tuning alterations.

Ok also don't laugh but most days once I get the kids off to school I head straight for my sewing room to play a bit before I get ready for the day, hence the bad hair and no make up in the pictures.

Ok first things first I cut out the pattern according to my size, The front, back, waist piece, and band is all you need to check fit for a pair of jeans.  So the first thing I noticed is that there was surprisingly lots of material to cinch in at the side seams.

I am pointing to the pins I placed on the side, noticed I drew my vertical lines and HBL for fitting purposes and the horizontal line is not to bad here.

The back is a nightmare, notice the drag lines everywhere? A little too much room in the back as well because the jeans will be fitting snugger and also I have to account for the Lycra in the material( I like jeans that have a comfy stretch :)

Look at the HBL here way off very curved. The waist band gaps badly I am pointing to the darts I attempted myself to cinch in the waist band. I asked my husband for help and told him  not to pick me with the pins. He laughed and said he couldn't guarantee it because he had no clue what he was doing! lol so I promptly removed the sharp objects from his hands.  He suggested to get Jen to come and help me :) Jennnnn!! Rescue me ;)

Ok here are a few more pics of what my plan was for the first alterations.

I am only 5 foot 4" tall so I have to get rid of length, that is probably the easiest part of the whole thing lol. Notice I pinned all the way down to the knee, I want a flattering shape and I certainly don't need the extra material around my thunder thighs. Once pinned I turn these inside out and mark with a sewing pin over the areas where the pins are, when you take the basting stitches out you then have the marks for your new sewing line.

This is me removing wedges where I pinned in darts to adjust the gaping waist band.  Looking back at these photos I really need to true the waist band to get smoother lines.

To deal with the excess fabric and to get rid of the drag lines on the back of the leg I scooped the back seam a bit and after making all the alterations I made new templates. Notice I shorten the length  at the recommended lines so you don't lose that bit of flare at the bottom. These are a modified boot cut.

Stay tuned for more when I try on a new muslin with all these changes.