Distressed Flap Pockets

I was very super excited to work on my pocket flaps. So here are some pics of what I did so far.

I cut my pattern pieces being careful to center my embroidery I then added some thread catches at the end of the three points so that I can pivot easily when sewing my seam allowance in case things got a little tricky with such a skinny bit under the presser foot. ;)

Oh ya I ran the top edges through the serger too because jean material frays badly. Once I sewed my seam I snipped my corners and turned right side out and pressed and used my clapper to get good results.

I then distressed my edges more before topstitching. You will notice I distressed a little too much in some areas and it is thread bare in some spots! Nuts! Oh well I can say that I was going for the "really worn look".

Next I took a piece of denim and figured out  which topstitching stitch I would use and what length etc.

I am using denim thread, white in color and I am using it in my bobbin too. Not sure if you put the heavy denim thread in the bobbin too? But I thought what the hell I'll step on the wild side.

So I used a triple stitch set at 3.5 and edged around my flaps 1/4 inch or so.