DIY Cheap n' Easy Teacher Gift

I think we've all seen more than a few variations on the crayon (or as my daughter says, "cray-ron") creation teacher gift.  My objective was to finish and fill it all for under $5:  Mission Accomplished!  Whether you fill it with goodies or simply add an appreciative note, it's bound to be well received.  Who doesn't love crayon art, afer all?  It also proved to be a fun afternoon craft project to do with my 4 year old, though having her be in on the action certainly did slow things down.


There is no need to refrain from a cocktail or more on this one.  This project requires a lot of crayons, not talent or skill.  Please drink responsibly;  we wouldn't want to see anyone glue their fingers to their stemware or worse.


adorn your crayon piece of art with buttons, felt letters...anything or nothing at all!

  • bowl or other container (I chose a glass bowl in the shape of a heart from my local dollar store)
  • crayons (again from the dollar store, I bought 2 packs of 36 crayons)
  • glue or hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • ribbon (optional)
  • buttons, scrapbooking embellishments, felt letter, etc  (I chose the red ribbon with white saddlestitch and a double felted "J" for the first letter of the teacher's name...decorate as much or as little as you like!)
  • lighter (to heat seal ends of ribbon, if using ribbon)
  • cardstock, if making an initial
  • printer, if making an initial
  • scissors (if using ribbon or making an initial)
  • goodies for inside container (optional)  I chose 5 bottles of school glue and 2 hand sanitizers;  all were on clearance at Target and in all cost $2.41, but who's counting?!

1.  Get your bowl, crayons, and glue or a glue gun.  Take a crayon, and be sure it's a blue one to start with.  Just kidding, just pick one up and glue it on your bowl.  The first one my tiny assistant and I did we used glue to adhere it to the bowl.  That left an unsightly tell-tale white clump, even when dry.  That wouldn't be a problem except the bowl is glass and could be seen much more readily than the clear dried glue of a glue gun.  So,  we ended up with the glue gun.  (This meant my helper was demoted to chosing the color order of the crayons and patting it down after I glued it on).

I found it very irksome that the glue didn't dry clear.

2.  Repeat step 1 countless times until your entire bowl is covered with crayons.


3.  If using a ribbon, wrap it around the bowl to determine how much you need and cut that length.

4.  Heat seal the ends of your ribbon to prevent it from fraying.   To do this, run a lighter close to, but not against, the end of the ribbon.  You'll notice the ends get a little hard, almost carmelized, and a little glossy.

5.  Glue your ribbon around the middle of your crayons.

6.  Add any other embellishments.  I chose to add a "J" for the teacher's first name's initial.  To do this,  I printed out a 2.5" J from a simple word document program (on scrapbook weight cardstock),  and cut it out.  Then I used spray adhesive (Elmer's Craft Bond) to glue the letter, RIGHT SIDE DOWN, to the felt.  NOTE:  any glue would work here.  My white felt was a little thin, so I doubled it up, again using the Elmer's spray glue.  Cut out the felt with cardstock letter and then glue it onto your ribbon.


7.  Now fill with school related goodies--or not--and guess what?  You're done-sky!