Dog Cape Pattern Making Tutorial

Scooby Snack rating:

 This is fairly easy but I wouldn't go more than sipping two....... until you finished the measuring and constructing of the pattern ;) ;) The rest is easy peasy and soooo much fun!!

Supplies for Constructing your Pattern

  • french rulers if you have any sort of curved rulers (or you can use measuring tape turned on its side to mark a curve)
  • straight ruler
  • pencils, erasers, pens
  • constructing paper for the pattern of your choice

Supplies for Making the Pattern

  • sewing machine, thread, needles, pins, scissors, seam ripper
  • fabric ....the amount will obviously depend on the size of your dog. Lu-Lu is small so I think I used only about a quarter yard of fabric or so maybe a third and I had scraps for the ruffle.
  • buttons, and or velcro

Measurements and Constructing the Pattern:

Basically the shape we are going for is a bib but we will take some measurements for some guidelines:

  • Circumference of neck+ 1 inch for overlapping (Lu-Lu was 12+1=13
  • Length down the back from neck to rump or how ever long you want your doggie cape to be (Lu-Lu was 10 inches)
  • Mid back down the side of the dog for the width of the cape (not to wide we don't want our furry friends tripping on it) This was 5 inches for me.

Take some constructing paper of your choice that will be big enough to hold pattern for your size dog.  You will need a pencil, eraser, straight ruler and french ruler if you have it. Draw a single line down the center of the paper lightly with a pencil.

Decide how thick you want the material to be across the breast bone of your dog I decided on 3 inches for Lu-Lu.


Take your mid back measurement and draw the outer edge of your cape. Place this mark about 8 inches down from the top of the collar. Lightly mark this line in pencil.

Take  your neck measurement which mine was 13 and divide that by 2 so 6.5 I need to draw the curvature of our neck "cape" (aka bib) if you have a curved ruler than use that to form the gentle curve ending with 90 angle on the fold. You can also stand a measuring tape on its edge and flesh out a curve that way as well.

From your 90 degree angle measure down your magic number and draw a straight line until you get to the length you decided on mine was 10 inches.

You should now have the pattern fleshed out pretty well. You can have a curved edge on the bottom of the cape or you can leave it square. You're the designer,  go crazy!

Don't forget to add seam allowances to your pattern.

In addition to this basic shape we now have to make the tabs to secure our cape around the girth of the dog. I like the tabs fairly thick. I made mine 3 inches wide and I just made them approximately 4 inches long + 1/2 inch seam allowances (so 4x5 in this picture).

I adhered them to the sides of the cape and did "a fitting" on my dog overlapping them by 1 inch for the velcro to attach. I marked with chalk where this would be and cut off the access length off the tabs.

Now that you have your very own "doggy slopper" you can take these basic dimensions and design different styles, different neckline treatments (collars, hoodies etc)

I choose to use some bias tape I made to cover my raw edges for the neck.

I choose to add a full ruffle around the perimeter of the cape and top stitch it. The ruffles I ran through my serger with a rolled hem in a contrasting color for fun.

You can use velcro for the closure on the breast bone but I love the buttons I think it is more stylish with these big pink buttons!


And here is my dog modeling her new "digs" !