Drafting the A-Line

What sewing projects are you working on?

I have been using my skirt block and drafting a new skirt. This time I choose an A-Line shape. I started off with 2 inch insertions but it turned out a bit to flare for my taste. I redrafted with 1.5 inch insertions and was happy with the drape.

I want this skirt to be more casual but still fun so I decided on a color block design.

I am going to have the pocket area a contrasting color as well as a band on the bottom of the skirt. I had some scraps lying around and did a mock-up in muslin to see if I would like it.

I think it will be very cute in the fabric I bought. Here is a sneak peek (I am completely finished it except for hand sewing)

I am still plugging away on my bodice sloper too! This was an absolute mess, I had so many copies I had tweaked lying around, ahhh why did I not consolidate these changes!!  That took 3 hours or so to recheck and recopy a master draft with careful measurements and ....yes yet another muslin...

Side seams taken in more, center front neckline dropped down 1/2 inch:

It takes a long time for the instructor to get back to the student. She has so many classes she teaches and I can just imagine what her email box looks like! Yikes.

So what changes should I make?? I don't know what else to do. My CB is shorter than my CF which is really weird and not really suppose to happen right? So I would hate to shorten it any more, but I think it needs some sort of tweaking??