Embroidery Mystery

Aug 27th 2013

Jen Wrote:

...so I got too impatient and now I'm in a bit of a sewing bind.  Here's the skinny: I left the embroidery thread & embroidery bobbin thread at your house, yet I really wanted to try to embroidery for some of the other Christmas blankets that I'm making.  Since I planned on using green embroidery thread that I already had at home, I decided to throw caution and good sense to the wind and just substitute the proper bobbin thread with regular thread. In this case, said thread is red.  (Actually pink, but that didn't follow the rhyme).  So the first one I did came out ok (after spending 1+ hours on putting on the embroidery do-hicky).  The next one for a few times didn't produce any thread on the flannel.  I checked the bobbin just because.  Tried again and it came out but came out a little wonky and the word is written in pink (!) not the green embroidery thread that it's supposed to! What the harry?!!??!!  How did that happen  and where did I go wrong?! Crazy!

Nicole Responded:

Hey there Sewing Sally I got nothing!! Very curious, it is a mystery! Maybe the bobbin thread is to heavy and it is coming up instead of the top thread?? Sorry I can't help, bring the project over and we will brain storm together :) Nicole

Has this ever happened to anyone? I would love to hear from you and tell us the why to this embroidery mystery.