Fabric-Aholics are "us"

Ok I seriously thought I was going to accompany my friend to the fabric store in Anaheim and get maybe 50 bucks worth of knits to make more blinged out t-shirts but apparently I was wrong! Anyone else have this problem?

This is my sewing space before shopping:

This is the stash I brought home;

Lu-Lu and Maggie love to help us pick out fabric for projects ;) And finally here is Marcella taking a break pondering what the hell we are going to do with all this fabric. lol

Just to let our readers know, we will be making more rag jackets and I will be selling them on the web site.  Here is another rag jacket that Marcella finished and it turned out quite lovely :)

The rest of yesterday I spent altering this pattern I bought at Craftsy. It is the tunic top on the sellers page. Super cute and I was excited because it was so cheap. When I downloaded the instructions the blouse only comes in one size and that size would fit a human Barbie doll but definitely not me!! The designer will alter the pattern for free and any other patterns you buy you have to pay for the larger sizes. So I thought this would be great practice for me. I had to increase in the bust, hips, and armholes and the sleeves. I love the simple pivot and slide technique as described in Nancy Zieman's book Pattern Fitting with Confidence.

This material is very neat you can trace your pattern onto it and sew it up like a muslin to check for fit. I bought this at Nancy Zieman's web site. This was years ago but I remember there were 10 yards and it wasn't too expensive cheaper than muslin.

So my alterations weren't bad the should seam needed adjusting-it was too far forward.

Once that was done I took in some extra fabric and made a dart in the armhole area to take up some extra slack.

This is the chiffon I am going to use for this pattern:

Marcella is starting a lovely blouse using cotton gauze fabric and lace: