Fabric shopping in LA fabric district

I am so super excited about my finds in the LA fabric district!! Not sure if I would venture out their again alone  as this area is a bit rough, but it was fun.  If you live near LA and have never been I recommend grabbing a sewing buddy and checking it out!


  • There are some parking areas that are 5 bucks for the whole day, find one of these lots the street parking is only for 15 minutes
  • Bring cash most stores only deal in cash!!
  • Hardly any restaurants just food vendors BLAH pack a lunch
  • Restrooms are hard to come by ...pee first before you get there lol (there are restrooms in Michael Levine's fabric store though)
  • Bargain with the fabric stores you can save a lot of money
  • have a definite plan of what you want, there are so many stores and bolts stacked to the ceiling!! It gets a bit overwhelming.

Here is my stash and plans:

Various knits for making more summery dresses and skirts 2 bucks a yard!! I started making one, this is my progress so far:


I signed up for a craftsy course to make this vintage dress and here is the fabric I choose 3 bucks a yard.



I have had this cute pattern for a while and want to make the skirt and jacket.  I choose a herringbone lightweight linen in steely blue color 5 bucks a yard.



A very drapy light cotton voile for this pattern:



I don't have plans for this but when I touched this faux fur mink I fell in love with it!! I will make some vests for the winter for me and Abby :)


Denim of course!!! More jeans and capris 2 bucks a yard 9 ounce weight!!


More knits I bought these at M & L fabric store in Anaheim they have a soft hand and beautiful drape.



This is rayon 3 bucks a yard and I love the print there was just a bit of this left and I snatched it up to make a top.



I am sure that will keep me busy for some time :)   I plan to bring some stuff to my mother's so we can sew together this summer.  My kids are getting out of school soon so I will be posting very little over the summer months so I can enjoy my children :) Have a great summer everyone!