Faux Suede vs Fleece?

 Faux Suede vs Fleece?

I recently bought 5 yards of a faux suede dark chocolate brown material with the softest faux lambs wool on the inside for a long coat that called for Fleece. I thought I could substitute with this material because I love the feel of it and it is very hard to find fleece with smaller prints that would be suitable for apparel. Now I am worried about the drape of this as compared to fleece? This is a picture of Marcella in the coat that we are making, she just has the sleeves left to finish.

Anyone out there that has used faux suede  in replacement of fleece for clothing? Also it is much heavier and warmer than the fleece and I live in California!! Maybe it will be too warm for this climate.

Since I have never worked with this before I decided to pull out a pattern I had for such material and make a cute vest for my daughter. Here are some pictures of my progress.

I just need to pick up buttons now. Marcella suggested I buy ivory faux bone type buttons and I agree it would go along well with the contrast of the beige.

And here is a picture of the facing and top stitching done waiting for the buttons for completion.