Feelin' Scrappy: Scrap Busting, No Sew Pony 'O

Upon completion of Nicole's beautiful rag jacket she made recently for her daughter, I asked if I could have her scraps to make a complementary pony 'o.  What girl, regardless of age, doesn't like to accessorize?  Exactly.  :)

Here's a lightning fast, ridiculously easy way to use those fabric scraps from your projects.  Smart and Cute.  Scraps can be quilting cotton, jersey knits, flannel (like this one), whatever;  I also like to throw in ribbons and sometimes tulle.  I'm kooky like that.


  • Scraps of fabric, 1/2"-1" wide and 5"-6" each in length.  My pieces were about 1" wide and 6" long.   (I used 3 different flannel patterns/ colors and a total of 12 flannel pieces).  NOTE:  Use as many or as few pieces of fabric as you like,  depending on whether you like a fuller or not-so-large finished pony 'o)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ribbons cut to 5"-6" long (optional, but gives your finished pony 'o varying textures and is visually appealing).  I used 6 ribbons.
  • Lighter, if you're using ribbons, to seal the ribbon ends
  • One pony 'o (hair elastic)

1.  Cut your fabric strips and ribbon pieces (if you're adding ribbons).

2.  Heat seal the ends of your ribbons, if you're using ribbons.  To do this, run your lighter near BUT NOT AGAINST your ribbon end.  You'll notice the ribbon end get a little glossy and hardened.  Don't set your work space on fire, or else this project is neither quick nor fun.

3.  Place a piece of flannel around your pony 'o by tying a simple knot.  It looks like this:

No sweat, right?  You could do that with your eyes closed and one hand behind your back, I bet.  Now repeat that over and over and over again with your fabric and ribbon pieces until you feel like your pony 'o is as full as you'd like it to be.  NOTE:  I like to every so often squish the fabric/ ribbons together to make sure there's no elastic showing between the pieces.  Looks like this:

I also double knot the ribbons, just for good measure.

Before you know it, you have one tricked out pony 'o, my friend.  Scraps be gone!  They can find new purpose and meaning in a pony 'o to complement another project!  (Imagine how cute it would be to, for instance, to gift a handcrafted zippered pouch with a coordinating pony 'o of the same fabric tucked inside).

Here are some others to show varying sizes, ribbon lengths, etc.  To view more, please visit my etsy store.

Happy Scrappin'!