Finishing Touches

Ok the faux fur has finally come to and end! I put the zips in my coat and vest. Abbys' coat has snaps and buttons. Here are some pics:

Alright then I moved on to fabric I bought in the summer time and started making my apron, hot pads and placemats:

I thought lining this would make the apron a little sturdier and a lot nicer. I loved how it turned out.

I used the thermal lining meant for oven gloves, and hot pads.  and I used the same red polka dots for the back.


Alright I had to take a break from sewing to tend to the newest addition of our family. Lu-Lu is a shi-poo puppy we got a little over a month ago. She is great! Lovely disposition and pees outside beautifully it's the other thing.......not so much I find little presents for me all over the rug! I am watching her like a hawk today to try and catch her in the act!!

I gave her a bath today:

Wet pooch!

And here is the after shot all freshly brushed from her spa treatment! lol

I got back to work and finished the placemats that goes with the whole apron theme. There was a tiny bit of trim left over and I bought some tea towels and topstitched the "cook books" onto the tea towels to go with my whole culinary set.

I folded a few of these over so I could show you all the cute prints that came in one panel.