First Bodice Moulage

This custom fitting class by ...WHO ELSE BUT....CRAFTSY!! is awesome.

I never heard of the term moulage before. If you are also in the dark I will tell you according to many sources I found online it is described as a mold, and in the sewing world it is a design term where you fit or mold the fabric directly on the model or dressmaker dummy.

There are many meticulous calculations and drafting of numerous darts to get your own personal bodice pattern on paper. From here I traced my pattern cut out the pieces and assembled the moulage and with the help of my husband I tried on my first attempt.

The moulage is supposed to fit like a glove with no seam allowances at all therefore a "mold" of your body.

My bust points are off by a good 1 inch, it is a bit to snug from waist to hip and I can bow out my upper darts in the front bodice to pinch in some fabric by upper chest. My shoulder points are also off by 1/2 an inch or so.  Now it is back to the drawing board and make corrections and try cutting out a new muslin with the changes.

The muslin is sewed without the darts, they are cut away and you are essentially left with princess seams.

What projects are you working on? :)