Flower Power Hair Clip

Since my daughter not only has (stale) leftover candy and chocolate from Christmas but also Halloween, I'm trying to generate non-edible ideas for Valentine's Day treats.  Here's a fast hair clip that can be made quicker than I can eat a Reece's Peanut Butter Heart--and that's fast.

I used Valentine's Day themed ribbon, but you can easily make this flower for any holiday, school colors, season, or party color scheme.  Try this fast hair clip for party favors, stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, you name it.


  • THREE different ribbons in coordinating colors
  • Needle and thread (I prefer elastic thread for its give)
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Embellishment (button, rhinestone, felt circle, resin, etc)  my bling embellishment was 22mm
  • Lighter (to heat seal ribbon ends)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Large alligator hair clip

1.  Cut your ribbons lengths.  For the smallest layer of petals, you'll need to cut a 24" piece.  For the middle layer, 28" length piece.  For the largest/outermost layer, 32" length piece.

2.  Make 8 segments from each length.  The easiest way to do this is to fold a ribbon length in half and make a cut.  Take those now TWO ribbon lengths and fold THEM in half;  make a cut.  Take those now FOUR ribbon lengths and fold them in half and you guessed it, make a cut.  Now you have 8 pieces.  Do this for each of the 3 long pieces of ribbon.  NOTE:  If that doesn't make sense nearly as much as it did in my head, forget what I just said and measure out the lengths with a ruler one at a time.  :)

This is what you should have now:  (8) 3" pieces, (8) 3.5" pieces, (8) 4" pieces

3.  Now cut out one piece of ribbon that's 5.5" long.  We'll use that later to line the hair clip.

4.  Take all 25 pieces of ribbon (24 for the flower, 1 to line the hair clip) and heat seal the ends to avoid fraying.  Using your lighter, gently run the flame near--not against--the ribbon end.  If you've never heat sealed a ribbon before, please check out my Let's Get Loopy! DIY Loopy Hair Bow on Hair Clip tutorial for more guidance.

5.  Ready, Freddy?  Get your assembly line set up by making three piles of ribbon.

3 piles of ribbon with the renegade 5.5" ribbon length for the clip

6.  Get your needle and thread;  pierce the end of one of your longest (4") ribbon pieces.  Next pierce the middle (3.5") ribbon.  Now the shortest (3") ribbon.  Now you have graduating ribbons, each with only one side pierced.  Now go in the reverse order;  from shortest to longest piece, pierce the other end of each ribbon, creating a loop.  The picture below will make sense of it all...

One complete "petal"

7.  Take your one completed "petal" and slide it onto the thread.

8.  Now repeat steps 6 & 7 until you have 8 completed "petals."

Don't worry if the "petals" start to open up a bit while hanging out on the thread.  No big whoop.

All 8 petals on your thread

9.  Double knot your thread, making sure the petals form a uniform circle and the threaded ends are cinched tightly together.

10.  Trim your thready bits.

11.  Get your hot glue ready, oh crafty one.  For that matter, grab your 5.5" length of ribbon, too.  Glue your ribbon onto the large alligator clip.  If you're unfamiliar with lining an alligator clip, please see my Let's Get Loopy!  DIY Loopy Hair Bow on Hair Clip tutorial.

View of underside of lined hair clip

12.  Now that your clip is lined, place a line of hot glue on the top and place your flower firmly but carefully onto it.  (You want to make sure you don't crush or mis-shape your gorgeous flower).  Now you can glue on your embellishment and bling it on out.  I used a blinding 22mm rhinestone, much to my daughter's glee.

woohoo! finished flower clip!

These flower clips are fun and can be made with even more layers,  shorter or longer ribbon lengths, different kinds of ribbon...be creative and have fun with it!  The great thing about these clips is that because of the petals, they look beautiful from any angle, not just head on.  They sure do bring some flair to a girl's hair...

Here's a side view of the clip; even from the profile, your little girl's bow will be gorgeous.

Here are a couple of other ones I made last night.  To see more floral varieties, please visit my etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BornToWearBows?ref=si_shop.