Front Fly and Sewing the Inseam

Ok this actually turned out to be a nightmare!!

I had a very hard time with this pattern for the fly. It does not give you an extra bit of seam allowance for inserting the zip and if I sewed it as is per the instructions my zip would surely be peaking sideways due to such a small flap?? Not sure maybe its me! I literally was almost in tears and throwing the damn thing in the corner. I had to adjust the crotch seam to make a deeper fly area!!!Nightmare.

Oh ya don't get me started on the #$%^@@@ top stitching for the front fly. The triple stitch I choose is great for straight lines, not so much for a deep curve like the fly curve. I must have ripped out the topstitching 5 times. I had to resort to a combo of topstitching and a zigzag stitch.  I spent 5 hours on a damn front fly!!  I got to the point because there is so much stretch to the jeans, that if I take the stitches out the fabric is getting too weak from me repeating that area like 10 times.

Need your help viewers. Should I ditch the whole front and start over again???? Here is the awful pic of the front fly.

After all that work I think I could live with the stupid fly. Funny thing is I was so involved in my botched job I was trying to think about what I could use to cover the awful stitching, gems crystals?? Ok I know, right!!  Someone put crack in my coffee that morning. lol That is just what I want A BEDAZZLED CROTCH.  Just call me Gold Member (Austin Power's) in this case I was going to use silver to go with the white. Silver Member and I flashing my brightly bedazzled crotch off!! LOL  No Worries I quickly realized my error before I took the glue and gems out. You will not find any glue residue on that crotch if you look too closely ;)lol

Ok inseam was no biggie. I distressed the inseams and double topstitched.

What do you guys think so far? Be honest about the fly should I wear a long sweater with these when they are finally done??