"Frozen Movie" Cookies

I used to do a lot of cake and cookie decorating with my best friend Jennifer from Pittsburgh. I recently started taking a mini course on cookie decorating and learned all sorts of cool and crazy things.

One of the things I thought was so nifty was that you can stamp a cookie with a regular stamp and food coloring as a decoration.  Coolio, how come I didn't think of that!! So it got me thinking about winter theme cookies and snowflakes which lead me to think about trying out this stamping-cookie-thing so voila......


I also tried my hand at brush embroidery, these are a bit quirky, but it is my first attempt :)

Alright so how to make these stamped cookies.....

You will need....

  • baked cookies in any shape you'd like I made sugar cookies with a bit of lemon zest thrown in to make them extra yummy.
  • regular stamps (brand new never used, you will be using food safe dye for your "ink"
  • uninked ink pad if you can find it! (I couldn't find any so I bought a small hand-held one that was never inked)
  • Wilton or other brand food coloring
  • brand new palette for your food coloring
  • royal icing if you so desire a border to make it extra fancy
  • I used shimmery type edible flakes to add some glimmer to the snowflake
  • flood icing


Take your baked cookie and apply the flood icing. This needs to dry solid (overnight) or when you go to stamp your cookie the icing will crack and depress where it is not yet dry. Trust me I was impatient and tried it. Wait 24 hours to be safe.

Next you will add your food coloring to your palette and add a bit of clear vanilla extract or vodka. Mix well with toothpick. Dab your paintbrush or sponge into "ink" (AKA food coloring) blot your stamp with the color, I suggest you try it on some plain paper first to make sure you have the consistency of the color just right ;)

Once this dries you can add a border as I did, more piping for 3 -D affect and sprinkle on some of the glittery shavings