Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It's my husband's birthday today and though he opened his gifts this morning before work, we have one more surprise.  Our 4-year-old, Abby, almost singlehandedly made him this knick-knack box;  we started it yesterday, then finished today.

With her at the helm it took a lot of time, a lot of glue, and more hand washings then I can count.  But the result is a quick, ridiculously cheap craft that she is proud to put her name on and no doubt will be a hit.

Here's what we did:

Around Christmas, I found a set of 5 nesting boxes at Michael's on clearance for under $4.00.  We used one of those boxes, some Mod Podge, scissors, a foam applicator, ribbon and about 15 pictures of Daddy Bear and his cub.  I actually scored on the pictures because Shutterfly had botched up an unrelated part of an order and consequently sent me duplicates of everything I ordered.  (Anyone want about 200 prints of Abby at Halloween?  Me, neither!).


We Mod Podged the pictures on the sides of the box, did a little collage on the top, glued on the ribbon.  When it all dried, we used more Mod Podge to make all the pictures sealed with glossy goodness and Abby wrote "Abby, Daddy, 2014" on the underside of the lid.  Those are pretty much the only words she can write, so it worked out just fine.

She's got 2 weeks to learn how to spell "Mommy";  I hope I get something like this for my birthday, too!  (hint, hint)