Ingmar's Going to Sh#t his Pants

July 10th, 2013

Jen Wrote:

Look what I just did this am...yep, dropped over 2 hundred at Joann's!!! Baby quilt flannel (how big should each sq be for a baby rag quilt, Teach?), and fabric for fall placemats for gifts. And I got other stuff on your list. I hope I'm not divorced by the time you get home!

I miss you and will write more later from the  computer. Safe and easy travels to you on your drive today!

Nicole Responded:

Is that fabric flannel for baby quilt or is it cotton for placemats? Laughing my ass off by the way I just looked at your subject heading! Lol rof!!
Btw I make baby rag quilts same dimension or which ever dimension you'd like not smaller than 5x5 though smaller = more squares= more work= more puzzle piecing on the floor to get it to look the way you want.
If you google placemat templates you can probably print out a pattern. Did you get batting for the placemats?
Jen Responded:
Baby quilt flannel, cotton for placemats--uh oh, is that right for placemats?!
Nicole Responded:
Yes that's correct cotton for placemats. Did you use coupons?
How many yards did you get of each?
Jen Responded:
Yep...I had a 20% off coupon for being a new email subscriber and the checkout girl also used 2 additional coupons for the fabric and scissors.  ( I had thought the half off shears and 30% off fabric came automatically...nope!).  I can't find the receipt but I'd love to see the breakdown for everything... I got fusible fleece for seemed cheap-ish and good?  What should I get in the future? Rats, I already deleted (well, Cubby did) the pics from my phone of the flannel for the baby quilt....good advice with the 8x8 like Cubby's quilt.  BTW, all squares are ironed and just to open the stupid sewing machine up! the craft fair is 7/20...I wanted to get stuff for the business card rings but thought I'd better not buy one more thing at Joann's today.*#-o d'oh! Soooo glad your back is giving you a chance to have a good visit/ trip!  Do you have a follow-up appointment when you get home? Big hello to the kidlets and you all are missed.  :) Love Jen
Later that same day Jen wrote:

I have a sewing do I cut fabric again?! Your first cut is with the selvage, I think, but then what?! I'm desperate to cut my flannel quilt squares!

Nicole Responded:

You should have your fabric folded once more to meet your selvage edge then place it on your cutting mat so the selvage is on the top lying parallel with the cutting mat you then start cutting your strips 7 " or 8" or whatever size you want your squares to be. Once you have your 7" strip (or whatever size of your choosing) you then cut them the other way across the grain at 7" (or whatever size of your choosing) so that you have a square 7x7 or 8x8 etc just make sure you have a square. I like your pattern by the way very cute fabric for the baby quilt:) Good luck if I find an on-line tutorial for rag quilts I will send it to you. I leave tomorrow for my big drive arrive at my moms late tomorrow night. Ttyl Nicole
Ya I just did a search for how to do a rag quilt and there is a lot of tutorials and you tube videos
Easy peasy with you tube :)
 Check out this video on YouTube:
Jen Responded: 
 I see now after that you tube clip--and from watching you--that I next need to get one of those acrylic see through rulers...I was trying to cut fabric for the first placemat this afternoon and with a skinny metal ruler, it was no bueno.
ok, I won't bug you anymore today!  Enjoy your time there!

Btw, my cousin tells me after I already bought all the baby flannel that she hates animal prints...oh well!