Jean Try On's

The moment of truth!! I was so excited to baste the side seams and try them on! Wow this stretch denim is ridiculous!! I could lose 2 more inches in the side seams. Note to self (do not use stretch denim for next pair of DIY jeans)

I can't take these in that much I lose the shape of the jeans and the pockets in the back prevent me from getting rid of that much fabric. I will be lucky if I can get away with taking 1 inch off from the hip down.  Unfortunately because they are so big I know my waist band will gape with this stretch fabric.

Here are a few pics.

I'm still excited about finishing them. It was so much fun and I learned a ton. I am going to fiddle a bit more with the side seam before I make it a final serged edge then distress the side seams. After that I am on to the waist band and almost done my first pair of jeans!!