Jeans Completed

I finished my jeans and I have to say putting the waistband on was the most challenging part!!!

It is a contoured waistband therefore parts of this band are on the bias and once I started to topstitch it I noticed I have wrinkles in the band! I was not about to undo many hours of work so I will have to live with it.

I ended up tweaking my paper pattern a bit for the next pair I make.  I hate pants that are too low-rise and these sit in the perfect place! I do have some mysterious drag line on the right side of the back of the pants in the butt area??? Not sure why so I added a bit more back to the flat pattern for the next time I make a new pair and hopefully that will take care of that wrinkle. But overall I am very pleased with these jeans for the first time making them in this pattern. Here are a few pics of my finished pair of jeans: