Last Alterations (hopefully)

Jen came over Sunday morning to have a bit of sewing fun with me. I decided to slash my muslin up the center back of one leg like suggested by

I was googling pants alterations and Sue had a great post on pant alterations that you can find here. So I asked her to view my post about these dreaded drag lines I'm having in the back upper thigh and this was her response:

Argh. Pants are so tricky. Looks like you have the rear pretty good but the side seams are not running directly down the side of your leg now you have done some adjustments. Generally scooping out the crotch at the back and adding a small wedge to the crotch extension helps with fit around the bum; if you’ve used the leg seams to correct the bum it may be pulling the seams wonky. The front looks pretty good. To correct the pulling on the back try slashing down the middle of the back from under your bum to the hem. This should release the fabric and help straighten the side seams. You will probably have to add a bit of fabric to the back legs to correct this. I would try it on one leg first to see what happens. Having your muslin a bit bigger is fine, you can fine tune the fit if the denim ends up bigger because it’s got some stretch. But you want to start out with all your side seams perpendicular & straight. Good luck! Sue

And taking Sues Advice this is what me and Jen accomplished.

Jen inserted some fabric and pinned it for me so we can get the side seam  line to be more perpendicular to the floor.

I know it looks more wrinkled but I am going to try adding a bit of that wedge  on my pattern piece and sew a new muslin to try the changes.

So this is what I did on my flat piece:

As you can see in the second picture where I have the black marked lines at the hip and inseam is where I trued the pattern to compensate for these changes. I added an inch down the center back vertical line from the widest  part of the hip area.

This is my 7th Alteration!!

I redid the muslin and this is what I have:

Ok I know, don't mind my fuchsia pink knickers I was wearing Sunday!(embarrassing) lol  The muslin seems to fit a bit better and you will never be able to get jeans totally wrinkle or drag lines free. It is how much is too much, is the question? Is this too much guys? Please say no!!! So I can start on the denim :) :)  Also I am twisting to take a picture but the side seam is straighter and that seems to have solved that issue.

So I have to say I took out another 1/2 inch of fabric doing a fish-eye alteration in the back and front (look at the front of the muslin where I have the fold area in the crotch.  I proceeded to DO MY 8TH ALTERATION and made a brand new pattern out of my hacked up,  jigsaw, taped old pattern. I think due to very small adjustment and taking into consideration my jean material is VERY stretchy I am just going to go for it and cut out my denim now.

What do you think?