Life Challenges, and Endearing Memoirs

August 31st 2013

Nicole Wrote:

I have to say I'm like a kid in a candy store checking my email 10 times a day waiting for one of your super witty, funny and full of everyday life challenges emails! I don't want to sound like a weirdo or anything but I love this sort of exchange between us it's fun and old fashion and hey you know me I love old fashion :) Ok I feel really great right now permanent grin on my face that you may be around till spring and the fact that Igmar may find a job close by has me in an even better mood. Also you can tell him it makes more sense in today's economy to get another job before he quits this one. Moving back to NY would be super expensive and if there is no job to go to why take that chance. Also I will pray to God every day that he finds something here. I lost one best friend named Jennifer already it was heartbreaking and I told Peter maybe I'm being punished that I'm losing another Jennifer. Alright as far as my MRI goes I'll call this week to get my results from the oncologist. My hip was injected in a few places for the bursitis but the inside joint is hard to get unless they do it under X-ray Fluro machine. It is marginally better but I will end up scheduling the procedure with the surgery center maybe after I write my RN exam in late fall. Today I went to my sewing room and finished the leggings for Abby, the doll pants and the wine carrier minus the trim on the top. I have to go and buy some bias tape to finish that off.  Now I have my fall wall hangings that I  am finishing the trim on. I have to hand sew the binding yippee lucky me (I HATE HAND SEWING) my glass of port is helping me get through it lol. IMG_1954 The fabric you bought sounds fabulous! Yay polka dots its super easy to do pj pants! 10 min sewing tops, and add 15-20 min to cut out pattern and fabric. Plus it's all straight seams, good beginner clothing project for you. Ok so make sure you have shoes on tomorrow so you can ward off any critters biting your tootsies ;) I'll call you tomorrow!

Jen Replied:

Ah, now I see what the problem has been--I'm not drinking the right thing.  Huh, go figure, it's apparently not enough to be drinking (in my case, beer) but to be drinking the correct somethin' somethin' (port).  I mean, that's gotta be it because you finished about 23 00 projects today and all I managed to do was throw Abby's blanket into the wash.  With port on my side, I'd have that sucker free of lint and wrapped up by now..shitters, I missed my opportunity and now all I have to show for my drinking efforts is a kitchen full of empties.  How trailer park of me--just call me Jenny Jo Back Water. Seriously, how the harry you got all that done is beyond me but I can't WAIT to see the leggings, wall hangings, and especially the wine tote.  And last night I actually cracked the sewing book you lent me and read about the wild, wacky world of bias timely and now I know (sort of) what that is.  well, at least I know enough to make me think that buying it sounds like a waaaaaaaay better idea than making one's own. As far as our brilliantly delicious email life together, right back atcha,'s so PBS Masterpiece Theater of us and I feel  like you should be wearing your self-made Jane Austen dress right now....the fact that it's unfinished in no way detracts from its awesomeness.  In fact, it just may add to its delightful quirkiness. Note to self:  ask Nicole to help me make a prairie bonnet.  I'm taking some extreme liberties here lumping Victorian dressing gowns with Little House on the prairie head dresses, but hey, they both smack of fun times before electricity, indoor plumbing, and proper personal hygiene. re:  Ingmar and the prospect of being on the streets with no income...I'm excited about my little victory, too.  My nightly prayers will be filled with the same things yours are and thank you, by the way, for praying for us.  And now I know what specifically to pray for with your health.  Man, I HATE that you have this trouble with your hip. What else did I wanna comment on, let's see....oh, yes, the jammie pants.  Hooray!  It's music to my ears that it's easy to do.  I bought 2 yds each of 3 different jersey knit patterns (hoping that I'll have enough to make jammie pants also for Abby's 2 little cousins as well as our Abbys. Only now do I realize that one print (my favorite one that has cute owls on it and somehow reminds me of your awesome kids clothing sewing book) probably wasn't a good choice because you don't want to have owl upside down on one leg.  Hmmm, or do you?  They could be drunken owls.  Or confused owls.  Or owls following the beat of their own drummer.  Or just a poorly planned sewing project. No problem if you Disney wins over me tomorrow.  (heavy sigh).  How Peter could possibly choose Adventureland and the light show over me coming over and making your house super noisy is sort of a mystery to me, but I'll live.  What does he think, it's his birthday weekend, or something?  The nerve of some folks... Time for me to try to sleep and have sweet dreams of jammie pants somehow carrying wine totes (filled with scooby snacks, naturally) while they walk towards a beautiful display of autumnal themed wall hangings, accompanied by their good friend, Child's Leggings.... Love, Jen the Fabric Junkie p.s.  yes, bees suck and should stick to making honey and keep away from my feet.  stupid nature.