Losing the Burgh

Writing 101 Day 4

Challenge: Write about a loss, something or someone who was a part of your life, but isn't anymore.

There are many losses that happens to everyone. Many trials and tribulations; rocks among our paths.  Life is bitter and it is sweet. The deepest loses in my life are far too difficult to talk about so I will pick one that I can at least go back and relive ever so often.

Statistically moving is the third most stressful thing in life following death and divorce.  I have done two huge moves, both of which are hundreds of miles away from my family and friends in Canada.   For some reason moving from the home we bought in Pittsburgh was the hardest and most emotional move in my life.  I think that the suburb of Pittsburgh called Upper St Clair township has some of the most lovely and down to earth people I have ever known. It is one of those old fashion neighborhoods where the kids roam from yard to yard.  Parents are outside talking to other neighbors; grabbing a few beers and the next thing you know there is an impromptu barbecue.  When we first moved in to this area I had many neighbors show up at my doorstep offering a helping hand with a basket of muffins or cookies and cards welcoming us to the area! Seriously!!! I could not believe this sort of thing still happens in this day and age. What kindness and thoughtfulness. It really reminds me of the message Jesus gave to us in Matthew 22: 36-40 "love your neighbor as yourself".

I quickly fell into a comfortable routine of endless playdates for both my children and myself! Neighborhood mom's would always get together for coffee, craft time, cooking meals together, feeding kids, and entertaining them.  Cocktails on the patio with the laughter of both children and adults. My best friends mother would call us "The desperate housewives of Southwood Manor" (a subdivision of our township). We had memorial day parties, block parties at the end of the summer,  first and last day of school parties for the kids etc. etc. etc.  I threw annual knitting parties, and cookie exchange parties. Parties and parties was my thing!  I love to cook and bake and I would usually cater a lot of these events.

We lived in this neighborhood for seven years and as the mundane routines of one's life wears at a person, things that didn't bother you before all of a sudden drive you crazy.  The weather is horrible in Pittsburgh. Yup the second gloomiest city in the USA beaten only by Seattle, who takes first place.  Our fifty plus year old house with its creaky floors was a constant annoyance along with all the woes that comes with being a homeowner of a mature property. During this time in our lives we had vacationed to a few different states and talked about moving throughout our 12 years of living in Pittsburgh.  My husband was very stuck on southern California with her gorgeous variety of landscapes and raw beauty.  I know how unhappy my husband was living in Pittsburgh.  There seems to be a nomadic force that builds up for those with wander lost.  Reluctantly I decided to give the move a try.

People are people right? You can meet others and continue with your neighborhood rituals right? Right? Please be so!!! Well I am here to tell you....it is not so!