LPS Party Planning

My 8-year-old loves "the littlest pet shops" toys.

She asked for a party with this theme in mind. After researching some ideas on the internet with some of my own ideas this is what I came up with.  The girls had a blast crafting, decorating pet" themed" cookies, and adopting their own pet to take home. I will walk you through my thoughts and ideas with the pics.

This is my crazy birthday girl the morning I was preparing for the party

So this is some of the decorations . I was running out of time to decorate so the kids got really creative with the streamers, they helped color some LPS pics I printed off the internet and I placed them all around the house, we had great helium balloons I bought off the internet.

I set the table up with all the snacks in pet bowls, I had fish crackers, swedish fish (cats eat fish) I had gummy worms (birds eat worms), apple chips (horses eat apples), animal crackers, veggies and dip (rabbits eat carrots) etc you get the picture.

I had three games... one was pin the tag on the cat, the other one was pass the bone(didn't get pics of this for some reason) I made a bone out of material stuffed it with rice and did the "pass the hot potato game" with the bone I made.  The funniest is the kitty litter game and NO....these are not turds they are hand crafted Tootsie rolls to look like cat turds in my make shift Kitty Litter box. I then covered these containers with uncooked oatmeal and the name of the game is to clean the kitty litter in 30 seconds. Who ever had the most kitty surprises was the winner!! Gross and funny at the same time.



I then had all these stations that were all pet themes. This was glitter tattoo's the girls loved picking their color and tattoo.


When the kids arrived they got a box for their pet they were going to adopt. They got to decorate the box with markers and stickers. Inside the box was a card that told them what pet they were going to adopt and how happy and excited they were to meet them. They were asked to name their special pet.

Once they decided on a name they made their pets collars and little handkerchiefs that I then embroidered the pet's name on with my embroidery machine.


I also made cookies that were all pet themed shapes and they decorated them with frosting and got to take  them home.

At the end of the party they adopted their pet. Sam gave out the LPS toy pet along with a Webkinz they adopted.

At the end of the party Abby blew out her candles on the ice cream cake and opened her presents.



The girls had a super blast it was a fantastic party. All of us adult girls had our own scooby snacks, great fun was had by all!!