Mermaid Adventures


I have recently embarked on a diy project for making a swimmable mermaid tail with a mono fin. My daughter loves the tv serious H2O and has been asking for one. I started looking at just buying one along with a mono fin but it was pretty pricey. I researched how a few people were making them and came up with a combined version that would be as functional as possible.

So the material is swimwear with some embellishment material to make it more flashy :) The mono fin cover is a type of neoprene and I made the mono fin out of polycarbonate cut out with a dremel tool. I wanted her to be able to kick off this board with some resistance hence the waterproof duct tape pocket I made for her feet. Not pretty but it will work ;)

Here are a few pics. I basically have to attach the waist glitter and make a waist band. Also I have to add a piece of trim with velcro to the end of the fin that will enclose the mono fin and still look pretty.

What about matching top you ask? Heck ya I am planning on that too!! She can't wait to go to the pool!!

What do you think so far?