Moulage Complete

Wow what a journey this course has been for me. The most challenging class I have taken yet.  I must have redrafted the pattern from scratch 5 times as well as 3 or 4 different muslins!!

The last time I tried on the muslin,  I showed you guys that the back length was too long. I actually redrafted a back with 1 inch less back length and it was still not quite there:

I decided to pin out a sway back adjustment and it did lay a lot smoother!!

The only problem I was finding is that it seemed loose all over again even the front that was perfect a few weeks ago!! How can that happen?? It turns out that all the exercise and eating right is paying off and I lost some weight.  Most women would be elated by this idea! I was actually pissed because it took me so many hours to get it perfect and now that I lost weight it meant starting from the BEGINNING again!!! New measurements, new drafting, new muslin (sniff, sniff) I was quite close to giving up. I even thought of eating a bunch of naughty stuff for a week and then try the old muslin back on!

Here is the final muslin.

Now I transformed the moulage into a sloper as per my course. This is how it came out.

I sent pictures to my instructor and asked her what sort of tweaking would she recommend before I put my final drafted sloper on tag. What do you guys think? What adjustments should I do?

It seems the ease has brought the sway back into play a little so I may have to drop my back length again?

Thanks for your input :)

PS My husband forgets the "sewing/drafting terminology" and asked me if I was working on my "spooner" AKA sloper. lol