Multi Media Projects x3 Comes to an End

If you haven't seen my previous post on this subject you can find them here and here.

For a quick recap I picked up some vintage dress form fabric panels a while back and knew they were destined to be tricked out with all kinds of additives.

I have used fabric paint, ribbons, scraps of other fabrics, pearls, feathers, crystals, invisible thread etc. etc. what ever I could find that would bring these from lovely to stupendous!

My least favorite part was centering the panels and glueing them to the canvas with scrap fabrics all around the sides to cover my staples. That was tedious and a snooze fest.

My favorite part was adding the ribbons, tulle, crystals and fabric paint.

Ironically the last panel which is the plainest of all panels is my most challenging. I did not have any beautiful curves in the background to trace over with the gold fabric paint but decided to highlight some of the diagonal lines over the faded checkered background.

I ran out of crystals and will also adorn some areas with the bronze Swarovski crystals. I like the effect of painting the shaded areas of the dress with the black, silvery glitter, I used some floating medium so it wasn't to thick.

When I got to the sash on the dress my first instinct was to make a sash that dimension and sew it on there to mimic the same drape BUT in my haste to finish or  try to use what I have which is the black ribbon I attempted to make that didn't and I ripped it off.

Hence the glue residue in the picture. No worries I will make a trip to buy a very small piece of black satin material and go with my first instinct. That will complete this panel! Yay I can then take all three to Michael's to get stringed for hanging on the wall.

So my plans for these wall hangings is to keep one for my sewing room and imagine that mermaid figure dress is mine.  I dream with my glitter and pearls that I walk down the red carpet to some fancy shindig while blowing kisses to the crowd. lol ok not really just getting carried away in the moment. But hey if I could fit into such a pretty dress I would feel like a rock star.  I am giving the other two to my sewing buddies Jen and Marcella.

Which one is your favorite? And if you have any other ideas to add any final touches please share with me :)