Muslin Alterations 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Muslin Alterations All Day Every Day Last Few Day's lol

Ok so once I made my multiple alterations to the pattern and made a new muslin the problems in the first muslin were better but needed to be pinned further in all areas as day 1. So I won't bore you with a repeat. The third altered muslin I tried on was snug as it can be across the thighs and butt, but I was still having the drag lines in the back of the leg?

Any professional seamstress' out there that can tell me what I need to do I would appreciate it :)


Also notice the puckering at the top of the pants were it meets the waist piece? 4th alteration I decided to try to put a small dart there. It improved the look but still bubbled a bit so then I had an idea of taking the total depth of the dart and dividing that number in half (which was a 1/2 inch) I then took 1/2 inch off of the hip and side seam and inseam and trued it about 3 inches down. This worked and looked great.

I didn't want to fool with the crotch anymore incase I botched it up so I actually studied the pictures and thought of taking out some fabric out of the back upper thighs near the crotch seam. That is why it is buckling and slouching in those arc's? I think ....anyway I took out a good inch and sewed them up it was better! That was my 5th alteration.

I ran out of muslin so my 6th alteration I just sewed a fold in the back of the thighs to get rid of even more fabric and this is what I am left with. Now keep in mind these are fit very tight and muslin has no give, my jean material has 3 % lycra and has a good amount of stretch to them. Maybe they won't have some of these wrinkles like the muslin because it stretches?

Any-whoo this is where I am at with my final muslin and I ran out of ideas or wonder if I should fiddle with it more??? Please fellow sewers help me out here;)

Our new parrotlet was helping me out lol

By the way the t-shirt I am wearing is the color block design I was working on last week. All done and so fun to wear.