My Current Projects

My kids have been off for a whole week and the week before that I was spring cleaning and reorganizing our house I feel like its been months since I have sat in front of the sewing machine and I miss it!

As it turns out my 4 month old best friend Dream Weaver decided to stop self threading for me!! Also the embroidery is acting a bit strange too so she is in the shop.  I can't believe with the expense this thing was there is already something wrong with it???WTH!!!!

That is not the best I bring it in and he starts talking about 300 bucks for labor to fix the F'n thing that cost me Thousands of dollars. NOT A GOOD IDEA !! You just don't want to piss off a french woman that is all I got to say. So I can feel my face turning red as the anger creeps to the surface and then he told me that my sewing machine is covered for the 1st year for labor but I should buy his $650 dollar plan that will give me 4 more years of everything being covered!! Wow my best friend is getting to be such an elitist I don't know if I can afford her anymore!!

I have had my Brother 350SE sewing/embroidery machine for 5 years and not once has she let me down!! I never ever needed to bring it in and she has been rode hard.

If I get any other machines in the future I will be buying an industrial sewing machine that just does the simplest thing----------straight stitch

Ok so now that I am done my rant this is what I have been up too.

Remember this:

Well I finally got around to completing this last panel I had to make bias tube for the sash and I added my crystals. If you missed my previous posts on my multimedia wall hangings you can find them here and here. Today I am going to bring all 3 panels to Michaels to get strung for hanging.

Now this project that I desperately need to get down is for my older brother.  It is going to be a wall hanging. So far I have sandwiched my top quilt, batting, and backing together and I used safety pins to secure it really well to prepare for quilting. I think I am just going to outline the boxed text that is already there. I don't want to distract from the lovely scriptures and quotes.

I plan to use some crystals on this to highlight certain areas I have a beautiful brown backing and binding for this quilt as well as I am going to put tassels on the bottom corners. More pics to come as I progress with this quilted wall hanging.

I am off to do some cooking and baking in preparation for our passover meal. Recipes to come your way. Have a great week.